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domingo, 24 de dezembro de 2017

Cat and a Bird

A sequence of photos with a cat, during a photography course. I found the cat in a garden, running and jumping and i stopped to see what he was doing with a small "object". After some minutes I saw a small bird.
This is the story with photos.
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sábado, 16 de dezembro de 2017

Foto do dia

Hi everyone!

More than 1 month without computer, with nothing to do... only wait for that...
And with hope to have my data saved after the smoke inside my computer...

Finally, I have my computer at home.

And, because something bad never comes alone, my photographic machine now has some problems too, near the end...

So, because I have few photos recently, now I share a photo from 2016, during a Photographic Course.
Because the problems started during last year, during this course, in this night I tried the teacher's machine: Canon EOS 5D Mark III...

What a dream....

Now I need money to buy a new machine (no, no, not the one I mentioned in the text, because it's too expensive).

sexta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2017

At table, in Pico and Faial islands

Hey, everybody!

As I mentioned in the last post, this one would be about the gastronomy of the respective islands (Pico and Faial). Remembering (because it deserves to be remembered), it eats very well in the Azores and, our holidays on Pico Island (with a short passage on the island of Faial) proved that, in these two islands.

After we reached Pico Island, we had to find some place to eat. Well, the Casa Âncora was our first stop (in São Roque do Pico, next to Pico Pier). Because we did not make a reservation it, it was suggested by the person who answered us that we waited about 30 minutes, and if the reservations they had not appeared, we would take their seats. So it was, after 25 minutes, the same employee approached us and we went in.

Very pleasant atmosphere, the restaurant is open for 1 year and little, with modern décor, with attention to detail and large windows overlooking the sea and São Jorge in the background and open kitchen in which we can see the staff working/circular with the requests.

We asked for entries to start well the night and, we decided to go to the first of the list, "Grilled cheese and Butter peak bread" (I think that was the name, but look at the photographs).

Because I am a lover of cow tongue, it was not difficult to choose the dish, whose name: "Caramelized cow tongue with Parmentier of vegetables "(14 €/dish). Spectacular presentation, I was surprised at the size of the dish, after all, I didn't realize it was a Gourmet restaurant. With the first fork, I think I'd get to the clouds! Sweet, with Pear also presented on the dish. Was Divine!!!

After this dish and the respective entrance, we ended up deciding that we had to go back for one or two meals before we finished our trip, because we had no stomach for desserts, which also seemed interesting! So after dinner, we decided to make a reservation for another dinner on the eve of returning to our island.

On the way back to the second meal there, we chose this time to do the opposite, leaving aside the entries and attacking the main dish and desserts. As we were in the end, I decided to stretch the purse strings and, as it seemed interesting (and already had the experience of the other divine dish) I decided to go to the "Filet Mignon With potato foam and caramelized onion "(20€/dish), the most expensive of the menu. Once again, surprised by the spectacular presentation and an apparent "small dose". Once again, I was amazed by the positive, plus a very good dish, No doubt worth every penny! For dessert, I opted for the "Chocolate-foamed Yogurt Pie" (5€/dish), which had already been in the head after the first trip there. I enjoyed it too!

Located in Lajes do Pico, in the Aldeia da Fonte Hotel, this restaurant is open to the public and we decided to go there on the recommendation of a colleague/friend who is from Pico Island.
I chose to go to "Grilled chicken scallops with mustard sauce" and for dessert, an ice-cream from Monte Pico.

I liked the restaurant environment, it was composed. Well-cooked food. I'd go back to eat, too.

Who has never heard of such a famous caffe? Located near the Marina da Horta (Faial island), it is a mandatory stop for those travelling boats and stops at the marina!

Whoever passes by, leaves their mark, hence the walls, ceilings, are covered with flags, frames, etc... 

You just see the photographs below and you have a little notion of what the interior is like.

As we had arrived from Pico Island very early, we had breakfast there, some toast and it was settled right there. It's not worth the meal, but by the quote I mentioned above... it's mandatory to go through there. On the top floor, the museum that can be visited (something we did not visit because we had the time counted to the minute).

It's mandatory!

Sailing and in Solitary Navigator restaurant Genuíno Madruga, natural from Pico Island, with two trips around the world!

A restaurant in which the restaurant tables have a glass lid and inside, dozens of offers from the many locations it has passed. Abroad, a map of the planet with the journeys on each of the trips. The day we had lunch there, calling to make the reservation, it was Genuíno Madruga who answered my call and that was extremely attentive. Restaurant overlooking Porto Pim Beach in Horta. I couldn't see all the tables with the various travel souvenirs because the restaurant was filled quickly.

I recommend you, because it's going to be a different trip and you eat well too!

Located very close to Peter Café Sport, it was the restaurant we chose in Faial for the departure of the island before returning to Pico Island. Restaurant with more than 2 decades, it was my girlfriend's recommendation and with us it was a relative of mine who also knew the restaurant. The specialty of the restaurant is that all the foods are cooked in the hot stone!! It was the first time I ate like this, the heat that came from the stone imposed respect! The staff at the restaurant traded the stone when it was cooler. It was an interesting concept. I really enjoyed it.

Returning to Pico Island, this restaurant, located at Madalena do Pico, was also a recommendation to my colleague/friend from Pico Island.

I have decided to go for a dish that I also greatly appreciate, "grilled squids." It was worth it. We had reservations made, and in case we hadn't done it, we probably wouldn't have found a place. Another restaurant that filled quickly.

Located in Madalena do Pico, a small space (perhaps the negative point of the restaurant), we had no place inside, so we stayed on the footpath, which stood on a very narrow promenade, along the street and with awnings that protected little of the sun. In terms of what really matters I enjoyed the food I chose, well worth it, despite the discomfort of the promenade.

It is worthwhile to go there, but preferably inside, to feel more comfortable and safe (by proximity to the street).

Finally, one of the last places we eat was the Casa das Tisanas, a few minutes from the Pousada (hostel) where we stayed in São Roque do Pico. Initially started as a teas house, but eventually added meals after some time. I decided to go for a double burger on the yeast cake, accompanied, of course, for a different and cold tea. It was pretty good, however, the waiting time was the negative point, more than 20 minutes.

And it was my suggestions, I hope you enjoyed it. Already preparing new Posts.

terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2017

Viagem à ilha do Pico (Açores)

A ilha do Pico fica localizada no arquipélago dos Açores. Fica no Grupo Central e é a segunda maior ilha do arquipélago (a maior é São Miguel). E a ilha do Pico é conhecida principalmente por dois pontos:
- A ilha das vinhas, com uma grande quantidade de produção de vinho, de alta qualidade, exportada para muitos países;
- Montanha do Pico, que é a montanha mais alta de Portugal, com 2351 metros.

Decidimos ir de férias durante uma semana. 
Chegados à ilha do Pico, ficamos na Pousada de Juventude, localizada em São Roque do Pico, porque tínhamos boas referências acerca do local, portanto, foi uma decisão simples. Infelizmente, não foi como estávamos à espera, a começar pelo básico (quarto e camas), com má qualidade.

O primeiro dia, pelo facto de termos chegado ao final da tarde, exploramos São Roque do Pico a pé, chamada de Capital do Turismo Rural, localizada na parte norte da ilha e, com bom tempo, podemos experienciar a proximidade entre a ilha do Pico e a de São Jorge (15 kms de distância). Há poucas horas na ilha, só tivemos de escolher o primeiro local onde iríamos jantar e, se possível, com boa comida e uma boa vista para o mar.

Bom, como a vila está virada para o oceano, esta parte foi relativamente fácil. A outra parte, encontrar algum local para comer. Chegamos ao Cais do Pico e encontramos um restaurante com bom aspecto (no próximo post irei falar sobre os restaurantes).

Decidimos alugar um carro para 4 dias e, no primeiro dia, porque o tempo não era o melhor (com chuva ligeira), fomos para uma volta à ilha, uma espécie de reconhecimento do terreno e fomos parando pelas ruas principais, em alguns miradouros. Como o tempo não era o melhor, não desfrutamos muito das vistas e não foi possível avistar as outras ilhas.

E aí, começamos num dos primeiros miradouros a fotografar!! As duas primeiras, no miradouro do Parque Florestal da Praínha (parque florestal), com um fenómeno chamado de Mistério da Praínha  devido às formas de lava durante uma erupção vulcânica histórica em 1562/64.

No mesmo parque, encontramos esta casa, uma atafona (moinho movido por força animal).

Resumindo, no primeiro dia estávamos um pouco desapontados devido às condições meteorológicas, com chuva e pouca visibilidade. Nos dias seguintes o tempo mudou radicalmente e tivemos, finalmente, a oportunidade para aproveitar as vistas sensacionais das montanhas e sentir a proximidade entre as ilhas.

No segundo dia com carro decidimos ir à vizinha ilha do Faial, no ferry e aproveitamos o dia por lá (noutro post vou falar sobre a visita).

No terceiro dia, tivemos outro dia com tempo espectacular, muito sol e a oportunidade de explorar a ilha e ver todas as montanhas pela ilha toda.
Na fotografia abaixo, podem ver a ilha de São Jorge no seu comprimento total.

Abaixo, a Lagoa do Peixinho, com uma pequena vista da ilha de São Jorge (e no cantinho da imagem - lado direito perto do final da ilha de São Jorge, um pouco da ilha Terceira).

Aqui, estávamos a caminho da Casa da Montanha, que é o lugar onde as pessoas se registam para fazerem a subida à Montanha do Pico. Como imagem de fundo, a ilha do Faial (onde estivemos), com dois pequenos ilhéus, chamados de Ilhéu em Pé e Ilhéu Deitado, devido às posições dos mesmos.

Já no topo, perto da Casa da Montanha, um grupo de aventureiros terminava a sua descida. Como podem ver, não é fácil encontrar a montanha totalmente descoberta... e, aqui, foi mais uma prova disto mesmo!

Ilha de São Jorge ao fundo, vista de outro spot na ilha.

Finalmente, apanhamos a montanha descoberta, no penúltimo dia em que tínhamos o carro!

O Pocinho, uma zona com piscinas naturais (aliás, a ilha está recheada de zonas de piscinas naturais), com uma vista espectacular para a ilha do Faial.

Abaixo, o Cella Bar, localizado na Madalena do Pico, que foi o vencedor do Edifício do Ano de 2016 (Building of the Year of 2016). Aproveitamos para jantar neste bar/restaurante, vejam o próximo post acerca das zonas onde comemos durante a viagem.